Thank You

Thank you and acknowledgements

I would like to say Miigwetch/wetAxkoosšteéRAt (thank you) to my late grandmother Peggy M. DesJarlait (big Peggy) and mother Peggy Ann DesJarlait (little Peggy) for giving me and my daughters these teachable moments that are lifelong learning experiences that will continue to be passed down each generation. My grandmother played such a huge role in my life that helped shaped me as a strong Native American woman with a great appreciation for my culture and its teachings concerning family.

I would also like to say thank you to Fr. Peter Powell of St. Augustine’s church who helped my family for four generations. His church and the Native American Indian summer programs had molded me into the teacher and now writer that I am. So many times, I had wanted to discontinue my education and Fr. Powell and his amazing staff counseled me and prayed with me helping me realize that I already had the tools to succeed.

Lastly, Miigwetch/wetAxkoosšteéRAt (thank you) to all my elders from both of my communities of Fort Berthold reservation in ND and Red Lake reservation in Mn. For the many elders who came to our schools and spoke to us, for my elders who help keep and practice our traditions. Those that remind us to never forget who we are, where come from and how far we have come.